Coming up this weekend 18th – 19th November 2017

This weekend we continue our series on 2 Samuel.  In the next talk, Simon Chaplin will be speaking on the topic, “The return of the King”, from chapter 19 verse 1 to chapter 20 verse 36.

At our 5pm Saturday service we will be celebrating the baptism of Ethan & Gracie Gray, and we would love you to join us for this special event.

Also during our 5pm Saturday service, we’ll have our weekly question and answer time, and Simon will be answering these questions:

  1. Given that the world of 2 Samuel seems so different to the New Testament, are we only studying it because it points us to Jesus?
  2. Where is the Ark of the Covenant located now?
  3. Is the Jonathan mentioned in 2 Samuel 17:17 Saul’s son?
  4. Has Absalom’s Monument ever been discovered by archaeologists?
  5. Did David know that it was Joab who killed his son Absalom, and how did he react to the news?
  6. Why did Joab choose a Cushite to take the news of Absalom’s death to David?
  7. When Ahimaaz told David that they’d won the war, why did he say “the Lord your God,” not “our God?”
  8. Is it still a sin for a Christian to be in a same-sex relationship if they are bisexual?
  9. Are all rulers chosen by divine right, and if so, is democracy a myth?
  10. How was Jesus able to walk on water?

Our 8am Sunday service will be a Morning Prayer Sunday service.

If you’re wanting to check out our church we’d really love you to visit us on Saturday at 5pm for a contemporary service with kids’ program and dinner afterwards, and our new youth group Alive! meets straight after dinner. Or come along on Sunday at 8am for a Prayer Book service.

See you at 5pm this Saturday or 8am this Sunday, God willing!