Questions 13/14 February
February 14, 2021

Questions 13/14 February

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1 Why is there no ocean in the new heaven and earth if God created it and it was good?
2 Why did Jesus say, "Blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed?”
3 Was Adam made as a young boy or a fully-grown man?
4 Do angels sin?
5 Do angels have children?
6 What does it mean when we sing, ‘O Come to the altar’?
7 Can you share some practical wisdom and advice about parenting from your experience?
8 Why does God make natural disasters that kill innocent children?
9 Why are the patterns on the bases of the arches above the stage different to each other?
10 Is a Warden or Parish Councillor the Anglican equivalent of what the Bible calls an ‘elder’?