Questions 6/7 March
March 6, 2021

Questions 6/7 March

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1 If Joseph is not Jesus’ biological father, then how is Jesus in the line of David?
2 Was Herod’s Temple an extension or a new building?
3 What does it say on the shields on the arches on our church ceiling, and why?
4 If God endorses capital punishment then why was Cain not executed?
5 Did Jesus stop the stoning of the woman in John 8 because he was against capital punishment?
6 If we’re never going to be perfect, why should we try?
7 Are Christians free to do whatever we like?
8 Before Christianity, did everyone go to Hell?
9 Why do ministers wear funny collars?
10 Was the ‘Big Cherubim’ the inspiration for monuments like the ‘Big Banana’?