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Church is in-person and online

If you’re able to attend church this weekend in person, then we’d love to welcome you face-to-face at 5pm Saturday or 9am Sunday.

Our philosophy since the start of the pandemic has been to be as normal and as open as possible, whilst obeying the rules and guidelines of our leaders and authorities.

So, we’re going to run normal church services this weekend, which will include dinner on Saturday night and morning tea on Sunday.

In line with the current restrictions, we’re able to welcome 34 people in our church building and 41 in the hall at any time, plus staff and volunteers.

However, at this time we’re not able to sing, and everyone must wear a mask indoors at all times (unless you’re speaking from the lectern or you’re a child under 12).

Plus, if you’re subject to stay-at-home orders, then attending church is not a reasonable excuse to leave home, so please join us only online at watch.jamberooanglican.com or head to our Facebook page.

If you’re rostered on as a volunteer for a church service, then you are considered to be a worker at a place of work, so you may attend to volunteer even if you are under stay-at-home orders, provided you are not in quarantine (due to being a close or casual contact) or in isolation (due to poor health or awaiting pathology results).

As always, please ensure you scan the QR code and check in and out from our venue with the Service NSW app.

In an email I received from the Archbishop this week, he signed off saying, “God is good – all the time. He will build his church. Nothing takes him by surprise!”

I reckon that’s a great encouragement to us all, especially as we live in these challenging times.

Grace and peace, Jodie.

Saturday 4pm update about church this weekend

[UPDATED 4pm Saturday 26th June]

Well, we’ve all just heard that Greater Sydney has gone into lockdown. Our church is not in Greater Sydney, but we’re now affected in many ways, nonetheless.

Even though the new rules don’t start until 6pm, the Wardens and I have decided that we’ll run church tonight as though the new rules are in place, but we’ve cancelled dinner for tonight only (God willing).

So, for our services for this weekend, we will now have a cap of 34 people in the church building, not counting the people who are involved in the service (up front, tech, etc.). We can only have 41 people in the hall.

We are not allowed to sing, and all people must wear a mask unless they’re speaking from the microphone.

But, as we speak, Graham, Brad and a bunch of awesome volunteers are heading up to the church to do the livestream thing. So, head to Facebook Live to watch, or go to watch.jamberooanglican.com to plug into Vimeo.

Remember, that if you’ve been into Greater Sydney (i.e. north of Albion Park Rail or Windang) since Monday morning, then you may need to stay at home…  but you’ll still be able to join us, online, of course.

Let’s pray for our Premier and her team, who are working hard to protect us at these difficult times. We seek to obey our Lord as we willingly submit to the authorities he’s placed over us (Romans 13:1) who are “God’s servants, sent for our good” (vs4).

“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28).

Grace and peace, Jodie.

Important update about church this weekend

This week has seen Greater Sydney respond to a serious outbreak of Covid-19, and we pray that it is contained quickly so we can resume normal life as soon as possible.

Due to the blessings of geography, our church is located outside of Greater Sydney plus Shellharbour, so most of the current restrictions do not specifically affect our church.

That means that the seating capacity remains the same, we’re allowed to still sing, and we can have meals together, like normal.

However, if in the past 14 days you’ve been in the Shellharbour LGA or further north, then the latest Public Health Order says that you’re required to wear a mask when you are inside our church buildings (including the hall).

So, it’s likely that most of us will be required to wear masks in church this weekend, so please bring along your own mask, or use one of ours if you need to.

At the same time, whilst we are less affected by the rules than other parts of Greater Sydney, we want to work extra hard at being Covid-safe, which means that we’re going to work harder at using hand sanitiser, avoiding handshakes, and trying not to mingle whilst standing up inside a building.

It’s also extra important to use the Service NSW QR Code to log in, just to make things easier in the event of any outbreaks down in Jamberoo… and of course, if you’re feeling even a little bit sick, please get tested and stay at home till the results arrive.

So, we’re still planning to do church as normally as possible, including Saturday dinner and Sunday morning tea… plus we’ll be broadcasting church via Vimeo and Facebook Live as always, which will help if you need or want to stay at home.

Graham Errington is our preacher, as he speaks on the wonderful topic of ‘Fellowship’ from Acts chapter 2 verses 37 to 47, which will be a real treat for us all.

Let’s keep praying that through this Covid crisis that people meet Christ.

Christmas Eve Carols 2020

Jamberoo Anglican is delighted to welcome you to join us for a special carols night on our church lawn on Christmas Eve at 5:30pm and 7:30pm.

Both sessions will be the same, and will start with a free sausage sizzle, followed by a one-hour special carols event for all ages to enjoy.

To help us with our catering and Covid-safe requirements, we’d love you to pre-register your details, so that we can safely welcome our everyone in our community.



We can only offer a limited number of free tickets, so please register early to avoid any disappointment.

For more information or just to say G’day, email us at office@jamberooanglican.com

Join us for the Commencement Service

We’d love you to join us this Tuesday night at 7pm for the official commencement of Rev. Jodie McNeill as the full-time Rector (Senior Minister) at Jamberoo Anglican Church.

Jodie’s been the part-time Senior Minister for the past four years, sharing some of his time as Senior Minister at neighbouring Oak Flats Anglican.

But the time has come for Jamberoo to have its own, full-time minister, and so from the start of this year, Jodie is now focusing all his energy on the parish of Jamberoo.

We’d love you to be with us this Tuesday at 7pm for a formal service, where our local Bishop Peter Hayward will officiate at this significant event.

We’d also love you to stay around afterwards for one of our famous suppers, to enjoy food and fun together in celebration.

Christmas 2016

Join us as we celebrate the birth of our Saviour Jesus at Jamberoo Anglican. We hope to see you there!

Community Carols

This year our church will begin the tradition of meeting for Community Christmas Carols to be held the Saturday night before Christmas, on the 24th December at 5pm.

It’s a great night for both members and guests to join together to sing some modern and traditional carols, to hear the kids perform some songs, and to enjoy a meal afterwards.

Christmas Day

Join us on Christmas Day at 9.30am for a family friendly service with a message that points us to Jesus as the reason for the season.


Market Day

Market DayJoin us this Saturday at our church for our annual Market Day!

It starts at 9am in the morning, and we’re planning to end at midday (unless there’s still strong interest after that time).

We’ve got lots in store, including plants, cakes, bric-a-brac, local produce, books. craft, coffee, tea & pikelets.

We’ll also be enjoying a good-old BBQ sausage sizzle with cans of drink for sale… everything you need to keep you going as you rummage through all sorts of treasure (and hopefully not too much trash!)

Plus, we’re having live music from an acoustic guitar group, to help with your bargain hunting!

We’d love donations of your once-loved goods and chattels, with proceeds going to support the work of your local church in the village and valley. Drop your stuff off to the Church hall on Friday 20th May if you’re able.

If you’d like to know more then contact 02 4236 0158 for further information or email robert.curll@jamberooanglican.com.