Alive With Christ – Ezekiel 37:1-14 – 22-23 January 2022 – Jodie McNeill

A dead body

We are ‘The Church of the ____________’

It’s about coming back from the ____

It’s about escaping God’s _____

All ____ came from God

Humans are beings with a ______

Relationships were ______ everywhere

_____ entered creation

There was distant ____

God gave hope to _____ and his family

God’s ________ were being fulfilled in his kingdom

A valley of dry, human _____

The Lord would bring ____ to the dead bones

God’s ______ brought life to the dead bones

The return from _____ brought hope of life

The darkness of death would see the light of ____

Jesus brings people back to ____

The empty tomb is our ____ because death is defeated

Being ‘Alive in Christ’ is about escaping spiritual _____

Do you believe this?

The Prophecy of Obadiah – Grahame Scarratt – 11-12th December 2021

Messiah Masterclass 18 – ‘Humility and Forgiveness’ – Matthew 18 – Jodie McNeill – 4 and 5 December 2021

The problem of narcissism

We think too much about _________

It’s ugly to see the disciples argue about _________

Jesus tells them to aspire to be ______

Jesus is all about ______

All believers are ________

Leading a believer astray is _________

We need to take sin _________

Our heavenly Father is devoted to his ________

It’s loving to stop others from _______

Point out sin personally and _________

Expulsion is a last-resort to encourage __________

Jesus is with us as we declare ___________

It’s ______ to forgive someone

Just keep _________, over and over again

His debts were many, but the _____ was more

The merciful king became an _____ king

We know forgiveness and so must ____ forgiveness

Put ______________ first in our community

Messiah Masterclass 17 – ‘Mountains and Mustard Seeds’ – Matthew 17 – Jodie McNeill 27 & 28 November 2021

Mountaintop Experience

God used mountains for spiritual ___________

Jesus invited them to spend ____ with him

Jesus shone like the ___

The experience was ____________
God told them to ______ to Jesus

The disciples were overwhelmed with ____

Jesus showed them tender __________

Moses and Elijah were just ______ acts

They were to keep it secret till ______

If they behead Elijah, they’ll _______ Jesus

Jesus exposes his ___________

Jesus felt __________

The true solution requires ________

The whole universe needs complete _______

Humanity can’t fix the _______ it’s created

We have hope, and it’s in _____

Betrayal is ______ and it fills them will grief

The Temple Tax helped ________ the Temple

Jesus is the king’s ___, so he doesn’t need to pay

People paid a ______ to be saved and purified

The Suffering Servant ____ for us

Messiah Masterclass 16 – ‘Building The Church’ – Matthew 16 – Jodie McNeill – 20 & 21 November 2021

Turning Points

We witness a turning point for Jesus _________

The Jewish leaders couldn’t read the _________ signs

The proof of Jesus is the empty ____

Beware of false ________

The turning point is at Caesarea ________

The most important thing is Jesus’ ________

The disciples recognise that Jesus is the _______

Peter knows Jesus’ ________ because God told him

Jesus promises to build his spiritual _________

_____ is the rock

The key to Heaven is the ______

What happens now will lock or unlock ________

Jesus told his disciples to ____ his identity

Satan uses a little rock to try and ____ over the big rock

Let go of your life and hold onto _____

This turning point offers everyone a _______ point