Daniel – Who Rules Really? ‘The Writing on the Wall’ – Daniel 5 – Jodie McNeill – 4-5 June 2022

Long to reign over us

Many ______ live as though they rule, really

The king of ______ is the true and living God

King Belshazzar threw a huge _____

The king used the temple cups to praise _____

King Belshazzar is _________ by the writing on the wall

The experts were _______ at interpreting the message

Daniel is again brought into the king’s _______

Daniel knocks back the offer of __________

The _____ of the king came from the power of God

The new king proudly ______ the Lord of heaven

The arrogance of the king leads to _______ being served

Judgement day is ______, and arrogance will be punished

Our _________ deserves his judgement

If we ______ to Jesus, we will not get what we deserve

Glorious things of thee are spoken

Daniel – Who Rules Really? – ‘The Roots of Humility’ – Daniel 4 – Jodie McNeill – 28-29 May 2022

What would God say to Albo?

The speaks to every ______ on the planet

The king shares his personal _________

Life was very ____ for the king

The king dreams of an awesome ____

The tree is ___ down and the animals scatter

The dream shows who _____ really

Daniel knows that the news is ___ for the king

The great king will become sub-_____

Daniel urges the king to ______

Kings are at risk of feeling _____

When you’re praised, then ________ it to God

The king was forced to become like an ______

When he hit rock bottom, the king recognised God’s ____

What would God say to Albo?

Daniel – Who Rules Really? – ’The Fire of the King’ – Daniel 3 – Jodie McNeill – 21-22 May 2022

A world away

More Christians were ______ last century than ever

The king of Babylon made a very large ______

All _______ were to come together

The people were to worship the statue like an ____

Daniel and his friends were under ______

The astrologists make the refusal ________

The king threatens the Jews with _____

The Jews knew that God was on their ____

God knows ____, every time

The king’s attack became very ________

In their darkest moment, they were never _____

The true God rules, and the king looks ______

Pray for wisdom before choosing _____ disobedience

The pressure to _______ to the world is growing

Daniel – Who Rules Really? – ’Kingdom Dreaming’ – Daniel 2 – Jodie McNeill – 14-15 May 2022

The Sovereignty of God

God is sovereign, even when ____ happens

The king can’t control his ______

The king command the wise men to tell him his _____

The king’s demand is __________ for humans

The king orders all wise men to be ________

God is setting things up for something _______

Daniel and his friends cried to God for _____

Because of the revelation, Daniel _______ God

God is not influencing, he’s ___________

The praise is about who God is and what he’s ____

It’s good to always give God the _____

It’s a huge ______ with a strong head and weak feet

God gave Nebuchadnezzar his ________

God is establishing an ___________ kingdom

The king of Babylon worships ______

God’s ___________ brings comfort and assurance

The rock of ages

Daniel: Who Rules Really? – Living with the enemy – Daniel 1 – Jodie McNeill – 7-8 May 2022

Matter of fact

The _______ day in the history of Israel

Should God’s people fit in, or _____?

God’s people needed to ______

God raised up the Babylonians to _______ God’s people

God warns everyone to ______ Jesus so they’ll avoid Hell

The upcoming _______ were to be indoctrinated

Changing their names wiped out their ________

Daniel thinks that being ____ is important

Daniel stayed ____ to the Lord

There’s no such thing as a free _____

We should be in the _____ but not of the world

Are you a _____ in the world?

Daniel was given the ability to interpret ______

We can be good _________

The superpower was merely God’s ______

God is for us!

The end of war – Psalm 46 – Jodie McNeill – 23-24 April 2022

The war to end wars

A pathway to _____

Look back, look back, then look _______

God offers __________

God is always _____ for us

Because of who God is, we will not ____

God truly offers __________

When anxious, remember God is ______

God’s city cannot be _________

Don’t doubt the power of the ____ of God

Jerusalem was a _________ for heaven

We look forward to the new _________

The destruction is ________

Stop what you’re doing and recognise your _______

What will Judgement Day be like for you?

Messiah Masterclass 27 – ‘Good Friday?’ – Matthew 27 – Jodie McNeill – 15 April 2022

Formal religion

How could Good Friday possibly be ____?

The Jews handed Jesus over to the ________

Judas knew that Jesus was ________

Everything was happening according to ____

Jesus calmly ___________ to his sentence

So many people knew that Jesus was ________

Pilate wants to wash his hands of his _____

The humiliation is _______

The crowd yells _____

In their taunts, they speak the _____

The end-time events are being ________

From this ______, things would never be the same

The death of Jesus replaced the ______

They declare Jesus to be the __________

Jesus was buried with _______

The tomb is ______

Good Friday is ____

Is today your best Good Friday ever?

Messiah Masterclass 26 – ‘The Ultimate Betrayal’ – Matthew 26 – Jodie McNeill – 9 & 10 April 2022

Friendly fire

The attack on Jesus will be ________ fire

The religious leaders want to _______ Jesus

The perfume pouring was a really ____ thing

Judas did it for _____

The ________ remembers the rescue from Egypt

Jesus ________ the Passover for his disciples

The betrayal was _______ by God

Jesus radically _________ the Passover

Jesus said that all twelve disciples would ______ him

Jesus was _______ with grief to the point of death

The Father’s ____ was more important than the Son’s desire

Jesus asks his disciples to keep _____ and pray

Nobody else is able to do what _____ had to do

The betrayal is more ________ than expected

It was all happening according to ____

The religious rulers tried to falsely ______ Jesus

From now on the Son of Man takes his place of _____

Peter ______ Jesus three times, then weeps bitterly

The ______ of the Messiah was our greatest day