Two Ways To Live – 6: Repentance and Faith – Jodie McNeill – 19th November 2023

Life is full of choices

The most important ______ we must make

The choice demands a ________

The choice involves __________

The choice needs _____

It’s not the ________ of our faith

The choice comes from being ____ _____

We feel the urge to __________

It almost seems too ______

We want friendship without __________

We all face a ______

Dear God,
I know that I am not worthy to be accepted by you. I don’t deserve your gift of eternal life. I am guilty of rebelling against you and ignoring you. I’m sorry, and I need your forgiveness.
Thank you for sending your Son to die for me so that I may be forgiven. Thank you that he rose from the dead to give me new life.
Please forgive me and change me, so that I may live with Jesus as my ruler. Amen.

Two ways to live – 5: Resurrection – Acts 2:22-24, 36. Acts 17:22-31 – Jodie McNeill – 12 November 2023

Christians often skip the resurrection

The resurrection shows Jesus ____ for our sins

The resurrection was _____ to the Apostles

The resurrection shows Jesus is the true _____

The resurrection is ______ than Easter

Resurrection Day was _________ Day

The the ______ came, resurrection would happen

Jesus’ resurrection becomes ___ resurrection

The resurrection of Jesus really ________

Jesus’ resurrected body was ________

The resurrection shows Jesus is the _______

The resurrection ________ Jesus as Messiah

Some people think souls keep getting ________

But, the Bible celebrates our __________ identity

Some people can’t _______ the resurrection is true

But, the resurrection is very _________

Some say it was _________, not physical

If Jesus didn’t ______ rise, our faith is false

What is your choice?

Two Ways to Live – 4: Atonement – Isaiah 53:3-6, 9-10 – Jodie McNeill – 5 November 2023

The cross of Christ is offensive

The cross is _________, but it’s crucial

Consider the two _______ of Christ

Jesus died as ___

If Jesus wasn’t God, he couldn’t pay for us ___

If Jesus wasn’t God, it wouldn’t have been ____

God took the punishment ______ himself

Jesus died as a _____

Only a _____ could take human punishment

Jesus was the _________

Believe in Jesus and have _______ life

Jesus’ death was more than an _______

Jesus’ death removes God’s _____

Christ is the power and wisdom of ___

Throw yourself on the _____ of Jesus

Two Ways to Live – 3: God’s Judgement – Deuteronomy 29:16-20 and 2 Thessalonians 1:6-10 – Jodie McNeill – 29 Oct 2023


When we see ____, we long for justice

God punishes in _______

People get what they _______, now

God punishes by _____

God punishes at the end of the _____

____ is running out

Liberty: nobody will be _______

Universalism: _________ will be saved

Imagine all the people living life in _____?

Two Ways to Live – Week 2: Sin – Genesis 3:1-6. Romans 1:18-25 – Jodie McNeill – 22nd October 2023

Embarrassed by sin

We need to understand our spiritual ________

Sin is the _________ of God as ruler

We’ve all ______ to our own way

Sin _______ every human

Sin makes us fail to ____ as we should

If we’re not following God, we’re following the _____

We’re alienated from the ______ itself

Humanism: all people are basically ____

Relativism: there is no absolute ____ or evil

Legalism: near enough is ____ enough

Semipelagianism: we’re ____ enough to seek God

We need to be ______ about sin

Two ways to Live – Week 1: Creation – Genesis 1:26-28, 31. Revelation 4:6-11 – Jodie McNeill

A problem with authority

We all want to ____ ourselves

Since God created everything, we need to ______ him

God _______ everything

God lovingly _____ everything

God has made ______ to rule under him

___________: ‘what you see is all there is’

_________: ‘what you don’t see really matters’

_____: ‘it’s all a big machine’

____: ‘if God rules, why do bad things happen?’

There’s a ________ in God’s authority

‘A Loving Church’ 32: Serving Together 1 Corinthians 16:1-24 – Jodie McNeill


We are part of something ______

Partnership usually involves _____

They wanted to know about ______

Each Sunday they’s put aside some _____

We can set and forget our __________

We should be willing, cheerful and ________

In the Old Testament they gave a _____

Christians are not required to _____

___ percent is a starting point

God gets _____ and we get prayers

God’s in _______

_________ ministry is valuable

Be on _____

Stand ____ in the faith

Be __________

Be ______

Do everything with ____

We’re part of something so much ______

Love Jesus and avoid God’s _____

We share the love as we serve together

‘A Loving Church’ 31: O death, where is your sting? 1 Corinthians 15:35-58 – Jodie McNeill

Hatched, matched and dispatched

Death remains our _____

It’s all bout _________ death

Life after death can be hard to _______

Jesus swapped his ____ for our death sentence

A seed needs to ___ in order to grow

Things look __________ after death

Our bodies are like _____ that are buried

We want a ___ body that can no longer die

Jesus is the ________ of Adam

Life after death is ____ different

We will all be ___________ if we’re on Jesus’ side

Our old bodies can’t ____ forever

Jesus defeated _____ by his death

You won’t waste your life if you _____ in Jesus

‘A Loving Church’ 30: The Resurrection of The Body – 1 Corinthians 15:12-34 – Jodie McNeill

Have you wasted your life?

What is your _______?

We believe in ________ because of the resurrection

If you reject the resurrection, you’ve ______ your life

Our resurrection is ______ with Jesus’ resurrection

If Jesus didn’t rise, Christianity is a _____

If Jesus stayed dead, then he didn’t ______ death

The empty tomb means your _____ is gone

Liberal Christianity is to be ______

Jesus ________ the damage brought by Adam

The resurrection of Jesus showed death is ________

We all need to be on God’s ____

If the dead don’t rise, _______ is meaningless

Following Jesus was ______ for Paul

Their conversion to Christ brought ___ to Paul

Without the resurrection, there’s no merit in ________

There’s no greater _______ than rejecting Jesus

‘A Loving Church’ – 29: The Resurrection of Christ – 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 – Jodie McNeill

Where were you?

Their division required serious, _________ surgery

From their division they needed _____

The cross brings true _____

The ______ formed their church

The ______ is a message that gives life

Christ ____

Christ died for our ____

Sin is ______ ourselves

He died just as the __________ said

Jesus ____ in our place

When many people _______, it shows it’s true

Paul came face to face with _____

Even ________ are challenged by a funeral

If Jesus didn’t rise, our faith is a ____
The _____ of God drives Paul to serve others

Only the _______ can reconcile himself to his creation

Dear Jesus,
Sorry I’ve rejected your rule over my life.
Thanks for dying for my sin and rising to give me life.
Please help me to follow you as my ruler all my life.

What gift of grace is Jesus my redeemer