At Jamberoo Anglican we have specially-designed children’s programs for children from toddlers to the end of primary school.

We begin with everyone of all ages in church at our 9am and 4pm Sunday church services. This lets us enjoy the singing, praying, and other activities of church with parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, carers, and friends.

Then, around 45 minutes into church, all the kids head outside to be escorted by the leaders to the hall beside our church.

Then, during their special programs, we have an interactive time of Bible teaching, prayer, games, singing, craft, and lots of other things that combine to make this a great time for kids of all ages.

The group called ‘Joeys’ is for toddlers through to pre-school, the group called ‘Junior Roos’ is for school years K to 2, and then the group ‘Senior Roos’ is for school years 3 to 6.

At around the same time as church finishes, the children meet their parents or carers either back at the church or remain in the hall where together we enjoy brunch at 11 am on Sunday morning or 6pm on Sunday night.