Are you hungry for the Bible?


Do you hunger for God’s word like a big plate of bacon and eggs?

It might seem strange to compare the Bible to our breakfast, but this is how Job spoke of his hunger for God’s word:

I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread. (Job 23:12b)

Can you say the same thing?

During the question time and my talk last week I spoke of how I try to read a bit of the Bible every day.

It’s not a ritual that I’ve kept every day of my Christian life, and in fact there have been many, long breaks from this daily habit.

Yet, every day is a new day, and I’m thankful to God that I’ve been able to be pretty regular in this routine this year… and I’m loving it!

I’m using an app on my iPhone called ‘YouVersion’ (also known as ‘Bible’). It enables me to select a daily Bible reading plan, and it helps remind me to read the next bit, each day, which I can read right on that app.

If you’ve never started a regular routine, then why not start tomorrow morning? Just read a few verses, and see how you go. It might turn into a habit really quickly.

Now, the reason I try and read the Bible each day is that it’s great to keep filling my heart and mind with the things of God, especially due to the barrage of information around me that keeps pushing God aside.

It’s a great joy to know God more and more, and to know who it is who loves me so much that he’d send his son to die for me.

And it’s a great way to prime my mind to pray to God, since it helps me know how God thinks and what he thinks of me.

So, what are you waiting for?