Is it Christian to take holidays?

Since Jesus is returning soon to judge the world, is it right for us to just sit around and enjoy a holiday?

Well, when we hold to the truth that God is sovereign over everything, then it means that it’s OK to stop and enjoy a break.

This is why God originally created a Sabbath day, so that his people might recognise that he runs the world, not us.

Plus, it’s worth reflecting that God designed us to spend a third of our lifetime sleeping, so that whilst our eyes are closed, we can show that we know that God is still ruling from his throne.

God also instructed his people to enjoy special holidays, when they would remember God’s actions in history.

With this in mind, we should demonstrate our dependence on God’s loving rule by enjoying holidays, and by taking a day off each week to remember that he is god, not us!

Even as we rest, we should naturally make the most of every opportunity to talk about the most important person in the universe.

In fact, holidays can be wonderful times to enjoy chatting with friends and family about the joy of knowing Jesus.

Plus, it can also be a great time to spend sharing your faith with others on a ‘Beach Mission’ or holiday camp.

God created this world to enjoy, and because we believe in his loving rule over every, single aspect of his universe, we can rest and relax in peace.

And as we rest and relax in his creation, we should naturally express our gratitude to God with the people we’re around.

And, God willing, he will use our words of genuine thankfulness to show the beauty of knowing Jesus to those we are with, so that they might be saved when he returns.