Blessings from hard things

Throughout life I’ve realised that it’s often when I’m doing the hardest things that it’s the time that I’m growing the most.

It might be carrying a 23kg pack on a five-day, 50km walk around the exposed wilderness of Wilsons Promentory.

Or, it might be learning to stand up on my mid-life-crisis longboard, without causing further damage to my middle-aged joints and muscles.

But one time in my life that was very hard but very rewarding was my four-year stint at Moore Theological College.

This is the place I was pushed harder than I could imagine to know as much about God, his world, and myself through the studying of the Bible and the writings of the great ones who have so-helpfully grappled with the queen of the sciences.

Yet, it wasn’t just the study that was hard. The four years of learning and living in community forged friendships through the trials we faced, together.

I praise God that the time in College was one where we were all supported by godly and caring faculty and staff, who always sought to help us grow in every way, in preparation for our future opportunities in word ministry.

It was tough, but it was good tough.

Moore College is one of the finest places on the planet to study theology in a community that cherishes God’s word as his true and reliable revelation, and we need to keep praying and supporting this important ministry.

Our church benefits from this every day as our trained ministers stand on the foundations learnt from the study at Moore, and as we seek to then teach others what we, ourselves, have learnt.

As we celebrate Moore College Sunday, let’s keep praying that Moore College keeps equipping men and women for mission and ministry.