Coming up this weekend 29-30th May 2021

This weekend we will be studying chapter 17 of 1 Kings as Jodie McNeill preaches on the topic, ‘My God is so Big!‘.

Join us Saturday at 5pm and dinner afterwards, followed by our ‘Nightlife’ fun from 8pm. Or Sunday morning at 9am, followed by morning tea and hot espresso. We can’t wait to have you join us!

Our kids’ ministry programs run at both services. We would love to watch your children, from babies to Year 6, and have them join our leaders in a time of fun and learning. The livestream will continue on the TV in the hall so if you need to stay with your child, you won’t miss out on church.

If you can’t make it in person, head to to watch our livestream. To catch up on previous sermons, head to our Youtube channel

1 If God destroyed all of Jeroboam’s family, how was Nadab still alive?
2 How could God be happy for the children of the evil king to be killed?
3 If the people in Jeroboam’s time didn’t have a Bible, how did they know God’s word?
4 How does the conflict in the time of Kings relate to the present conflict in Israel?
5 When Christians have an evil king today, should they obey that authority?
6 Is it more sinful to kill someone or to order someone else to kill on your behalf?
7 How can a person forgive someone who has abused them?
8 Do we have to be reconciled to a continually divisive person (Titus 3:10)?
9 If a person doesn’t want kids, should they not get married?
10 How should we share the word of God with people who are transgender?