Messiah Masterclass ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ Matthew 1 Jodie McNeill 24-25 July 2021

Who do you think you are?

It’s a dramatic backdrop to a dramatic _____

Matthew contains five, extended ________ events

Jesus is the Messiah because he’s a __________ of David

Three lists of ________ names

The four women point to high _____ in Biblical history

Jesus was God’s king for more than ______

Jesus’ ancestry was well-acquainted with ___

The miracle happened with Jesus’ ______

Jesus was _________ by the Holy Spirit

Joseph wanted to call it off because he was _________

The birth was related to the coming _______

Joseph must decide if he will believe and obey the _____

Jesus would ____ by name and ____ by nature

Everything about Jesus was part of God’s ____

God was with us so that God could ____ us

What was ________ by the angel happened

Do you believe it?