Coming up this weekend 23th – 24th October 2021

This weekend we continue our Matthew series as Jodie speaks to us from chapter 12 on the topic ‘The Sign of the Servant’.

After church we’ll be having a meal (Saturday night and Sunday morning), where we’ll welcome our friend from the Middle East who will run some trivia and share a bit about her culture and her ministry.

If you are feeling well, are not awaiting the results of a Covid-19 test, and do not live in Greater Sydney (including Shellharbour and Wollongong LGAs) then you can attend in person, regardless of your vaccination status.

You must wear a face mask (unless under 12 or exempted) and refrain from congregational singing, and we can seat 34 people (plus workers) in the church and 45 people in the hall to watch the livestream in-person.

Both services will offer a separate children’s program (with plenty of time outside) which will commence approximately half-an-hour into the service.

So, whether you’re online or in-person, we are so thankful that we continue to be together as we travel the roadmap to returning to ‘normal’ church.

To join us via our livestream head to

Here are the questions Jodie plans to answer this weekend:

1 How is Jesus the Son of Man when he’s the spiritual son of God and the physical son of a woman?
2 Why does Isaiah 35:5 says that God will destroy our enemies but elsewhere it says to love them?
3 What is the unforgivable sin?
4 How much should you share Jesus with a person before you just leave it to God’s hand?
5 Doesn’t the word ‘Hell’ just mean the rubbish tip near Jerusalem?
6 Did the Old Testament people believe that Hell is eternal suffering?
7 Why do people live more than 120 years but Genesis 6:3 says 120 is the limit?

If you have any questions, head to our quick links page to fill out a response slip, email us at or send an SMS to 0439 890 086.