Messiah Masterclass 27 – ‘Good Friday?’ – Matthew 27 – Jodie McNeill – 15 April 2022

Formal religion

How could Good Friday possibly be ____?

The Jews handed Jesus over to the ________

Judas knew that Jesus was ________

Everything was happening according to ____

Jesus calmly ___________ to his sentence

So many people knew that Jesus was ________

Pilate wants to wash his hands of his _____

The humiliation is _______

The crowd yells _____

In their taunts, they speak the _____

The end-time events are being ________

From this ______, things would never be the same

The death of Jesus replaced the ______

They declare Jesus to be the __________

Jesus was buried with _______

The tomb is ______

Good Friday is ____

Is today your best Good Friday ever?