Daniel: Who Rules Really? – Living with the enemy – Daniel 1 – Jodie McNeill – 7-8 May 2022

Matter of fact

The _______ day in the history of Israel

Should God’s people fit in, or _____?

God’s people needed to ______

God raised up the Babylonians to _______ God’s people

God warns everyone to ______ Jesus so they’ll avoid Hell

The upcoming _______ were to be indoctrinated

Changing their names wiped out their ________

Daniel thinks that being ____ is important

Daniel stayed ____ to the Lord

There’s no such thing as a free _____

We should be in the _____ but not of the world

Are you a _____ in the world?

Daniel was given the ability to interpret ______

We can be good _________

The superpower was merely God’s ______

God is for us!