Daniel – Who Rules Really? ‘How Much Longer?’ Daniel 8 – Jodie McNeill – 6-7 August 2022

Future focus

Finding out the future can be _______

Seeing the future made Daniel feel ____

If you trust in Jesus, your future is _______

The power has shifted from Babylon to ______

The ram smashed all the other ________

The goat knocks over the ___

The violence against God’s people was _______

How ____?

Evil has an ___ date

We must be _______, even though it’s hard

The time of wrath is the death of _____

The fierce king is the ultimate _____ of God

The time of the end was the death of _____

The master of deception was destroyed by ______ power

The Son of Man has received his _________

We now await the ultimate ___________ of Satan

We wait for Jesus’ return, as we ____

Come, Lord Jesus!