United in Truth

This week in Canberra over 350 delegates from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands will be gathering to unite as Anglicans to encourage each other to proclaim Christ faithfully to the nations.
The inaugural ‘Gafcon Australasia Conference’ will provide important support to Anglicans who serve in dioceses where the leadership has strayed from the faith that was once for all entrusted to God’s people (Jude 3).
Throughout the world there have been Anglican leaders who have chosen to follow patterns of the world in behaviour, which has been seen in their acceptance and encouragement of same-sex relationships, including amongst bishops and ministers.
As so many have moved away from the Bible’s clear teaching, it has become increasingly important for us to work together to defend the truth and protect God’s people from those who have deserted the truth.
The first ‘Gafcon’ (Global Anglican Future Conference) met in Jerusalem in 2008 to offer such fellowship and support, and now this Australasian conference will continue this ministry to those closer to home.
Six people from our church are registered to attend this important conference, and so we would value your prayers as we serve and learn with others from our geographical region who seek to be energised in defending and promoting the good news of Jesus.
Please pray for me in my role as Assistant Chair of the Conference Working Group, and for all who are involved in teaching and training in the main sessions as well as the seminar groups.
I’m also presenting a seminar with the title, ‘How Anglican liturgy can help intergenerational ministry’, where I look forward to sharing with the conference some of the great things that the Lord has done in our own church here at Jamberoo.
Please pray for those who are facing serious opposition as they stand up for the truth, and pray that all who gather might offer a great support to each other as we seek to make the truth of Jesus clear and pure to this world that critically needs to know Jesus.