Daniel – Who Rules Really? – ‘Confession of Sin’ – Daniel 9 – Jodie McNeill – 13-14 August 2022

A sign of weakness?

Daniel confesses to some serious ____

In suffering, we ask if God is ________ and ______

To find the answer, Daniel turned to the _____

They rejected God and so they received _______

God does what is right by taking ______

Daniel ________ God’s promise and followed God’s word

True repentance comes with deep _______

God’s people deliberately ________ against him

God is full of mercy and ___________

Our sins are many and his _____ is more

Nobody wants to live without _______

God has _______ his people in the past

The destruction of Jerusalem makes God look ___

God’s name is _______

Daniel is very ________ to God

God continues to be _________

Jesus would fulfil the promise _______

God promises to _______ our sins