Daniel – Who Rules Really? – ‘Facing the Future’ – Daniel 11-12 – Jodie McNeill • 3-4 September 2022

‘I’ll go up ahead’

A lot of people think there’s ____ after death

Hard things can lead us to think about ________

The rise and fall of kings and ________

God was in _______, even of evil

The north and south keep ________

God’s own people ____ in the fighting

The High Priest is ______

Antiochus IV causes much ______ to God’s people

War comes to the heart of God’s ______

The persecution is ________

The Lord uses persecution to bring about ____

Are you ready to face ___________?

The king will claim to be _______ than God

Our ____ is in the resurrection

We have hope, even as we see _____

Come, Lord Jesus, Come!