Remember the LORD

It’s 25 years since I became a father, and it’s 25 years since Colin released his ‘Remember The Lord’ album.

These two events intersected in so many ways, for this album became the soundtrack to the early years of my Christian parenting.

We loved Colin’s energy and fun, but we especially valued the way he could help every member of the family learn Bible memory verses, as well as remember the wonderful and important truths about God, Jesus and the Bible.

For his lyrics reminded us that, “nothing takes God by surprise,” and that we should “remember the Lord, remember that he’s in control, he’s watching his children, he cares!”

Colin knows that the sovereignty of God is a wonderful thing, and a doctrine of great comfort… and his songs have helped us sing about this for decades.

That’s why I’m so excited that Colin will be joining us at Jamberoo Anglican on 31st March at 6pm for a special, open-air concert on the lawn.

The advertising says it’s a ‘kids’ tour’ but I reckon the biggest fans will be those, like me, who bought the CD for our little ones to listen to in the car… although those kids who are now in their 20’s might be the ones rockin’ in the ‘mosh pit!’

I’m praying that this event will be a great night of celebrating the amazing love of God, and that for some people, it might even be a musical event that rekindles a faith in Jesus that may have grown dim over the years.

Above all, I’m praying that all who come to the concert will have a fresh experience of the wonder of Jesus, upon whom, “the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all… SING Baa, Baa, Doo, Baa, Baa… Isaiah 53:6… UGH!”

Purchase tickets at this link… but get in quick!