‘A Loving Church’ 30: The Resurrection of The Body – 1 Corinthians 15:12-34 – Jodie McNeill

Have you wasted your life?

What is your _______?

We believe in ________ because of the resurrection

If you reject the resurrection, you’ve ______ your life

Our resurrection is ______ with Jesus’ resurrection

If Jesus didn’t rise, Christianity is a _____

If Jesus stayed dead, then he didn’t ______ death

The empty tomb means your _____ is gone

Liberal Christianity is to be ______

Jesus ________ the damage brought by Adam

The resurrection of Jesus showed death is ________

We all need to be on God’s ____

If the dead don’t rise, _______ is meaningless

Following Jesus was ______ for Paul

Their conversion to Christ brought ___ to Paul

Without the resurrection, there’s no merit in ________

There’s no greater _______ than rejecting Jesus