Hope in Life and Death

Back in 2020 when the extraordinary events of the global pandemic threatened us with fatalities beyond our gravest fears, a song was released that brought calm and confidence for those who trust in Jesus.

The song, ‘Christ, our hope in life and death’ by Jordan Kauflin, Keith Getty, Matt Boswell, Matt Papa and Matthew Merker, put to words what we know and believe about the impact of the death of Jesus upon our own life.

The first verse reminded us that Christ alone is our hope in life and death, and that our only confidence is knowing that our souls belong to him and that the love of Christ will keep us to the end.

The second verse helped remind us that the goodness of God brings calm to our troubled souls, and that we know his grace and goodness in the blood of Jesus, our redeemer.

The last verse spoke of the confidence we have as we approach the grave, knowing we have the reward of everlasting life, and that we will feast in the endless joy that will come as sin and death is destroyed.

As we reflect this week on the remarkable words of 1 Corinthians chapter 15, we have a fresh reminder that our natural fear of death should be calmed as we remember again that because of the death of Jesus, we have a confidence that when we die, we will rise to be with him, and have life forevermore with Christ.

So with that, we sing hallelujah, as our hope springs eternal, for now and ever we confess, “Christ our hope in life and death!”