Welcome to Rachel!

I’m stoked to announce that at the beginning of next year I will be joining Jamberoo Anglican as your children’s minister!

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved being a part of anything that has been about kids and Jesus, and when the two go hand in hand, that’s even better! 

My first opportunity came when working in OOSH (Out Of School Hours Childcare), where I loved working with kids and families and found real joy and God-given skills when working through their celebrations and challenges. 

After ten years I was keen to understand ministry with kids a little more and ended up working for Scripture Union NSW as their regional school worker for SUPA and ISCF lunchtime groups. 

This saw me on the road most days heading out to different schools and meeting the beautiful volunteers who wanted to share about Jesus in the kids’ lunchtime space.

This helped me understand the behind-the-scenes work of what is entailed in a ministry role. In parts, this made me nervous, but there was a greater part of me that was so excited to have a job teaching kids and encouraging households about Jesus every day! 

This brought me to my last stepping stone, as I undertook a three-year Associate Degree in Ministry at Youthworks College so that I could become a qualified kids minister!

I’m really excited for this new adventure to be a part of a church where kids and families come out knowing Jesus bigger and better than before!

I’m eager to get to know each and every one of you.

Please pray for me as I finish up my year, church, and community groups so that I can end well, and please pray for all the logistics of moving in the new year

Praise God for what he will be doing next year amongst us!