School’s In For Scripture

One of the great things about School Scripture is that it gives the best of both worlds to parents and carers who wish their children to have a public education, along with instruction about the faith of their family.

Now more than ever, there is some discomfort in having ‘God’ in our government schools, but the long-standing arrangement of ‘SRE’ (Special Religious Education) means that we can maintain the ‘firewall’ between church and state, whilst ensuring that students still learn about religion.

In our school at Jamberoo Public, we’ve got a team from our church of six, qualified and accredited teachers, who help the students learn more about the faith that’s been nominated at their enrolment, and using fun-filled, educationally-designed programs, we help kids know more about Christ, whether or not the household is currently active in practicing religion.

Alternatively, students can choose to be taught by the Roman Catholic church, or by a group that provides Special Ethics in Education (‘SEE’), for parents who wish their children to learn a worldview that is separate from a belief in God.

This arrangement means that students can attend a state school, whilst also receiving teaching about religion that is consistent with their household’s heritage and worldview.

Our teachers follow an authorised curriculum which has been developed over decades to utilise current research on how students learn and think, so that they might better-understand biblical principles, and then build upon them to develop values that underpin everyday life.

Our curriculum is publicly available at and provides a great overview of what we hope to teach our kindy, infants and primary students… and there’s an accompanying curriculum for High School students called 

Please pray for our teachers as we start again this Thursday—and ask that God would use SRE to help our students know more about how to follow Jesus and why it matters.