Special Visit from Archbishop Nathan

The most-senior Anglican in Papua New Guinea, Archbishop Nathan Ingen, chose to attend our church as part of his visit to churches in the Sydney region.

Archbishop Nathan is the Primate of all of Papua New Guinea, the leader and spokesperson for the three million Anglicans scattered over hundreds of remote communities.

During an interview at last week’s 4pm service, Archbishop Nathan identified three challenges of his role, namely, “finances, training pastors, and reaching remote communities.”

Although he was invited by the Archbishop of Canterbury to attend last week’s Primate’s Meeting in Rome, he chose instead to accept the invitation of the Archbishop of Sydney to nurture the partnership his Diocese shares with like-minded, gospel-centred Anglicans, in fellowship with Gafcon Global Anglicans.

Archbishop Nathan is a rural clergyman, serving as a bishop in the Diocese of Apro Rongo, in a place he describes as “on the top of a mountain” in the highlands of PNG.

In his country, the church provides 98% of health and education services, bringing practical care to a country that lacks many of the everyday necessities that are taken for granted in Australia.

Close to his heart is the recruitment and training of pastors, and Archbishop Nathan remains deeply thankful for the financial partnership provided by churches in the Sydney Diocese, such as Jamberoo Anglican.

At present they are building a theological college in the highlands of PNG, and they are seeking additional funds to set up another ministry training facility in Alotau, near Milne Bay, on the East Coast.

We are thankful for our partnership with Anglicans throughout the world through the Gafcon network, and pray that Archbishop Nathan might continue to lead his province and diocese in gospel ministry to the glory of God.