Building The Future

The Anglican Church globally is at a crossroads. The church needs renewal and reformation, and we need to move beyond division and confusion. What should the future look like?

The Bible needs to be at the heart of every Anglican church. That’s why nine parishioners of our church are joining with almost 400 other like-minded Anglicans (including 60 children and youth) from across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific who understand the need to hold firm to the Bible as the heart of our faith.

In Sydney Diocese we are encouraged and supported to have the Bible at the centre of our church life and ministry, but there are many Anglicans around this global region who live and serve in places where the pressure to compromise is high, fellowship is hard to find, and speaking the truth is costly.

Under God, the Anglican Church has a bright future: God is doing great things among us!!

It’s time to pave the way for a new generation of leaders who are confident, passionate, and unwavering in their belief that God’s word is good, clear, and powerful.

This is why Gafcon has created a conference for all ages and stages, where children and youth can gather in specially-designed, intergenerational services, as well as participate in a unique, ‘Future Leaders’ program — and for all under-18’s, the registration is free!

Please pray for this conference, that it will be a source of encouragement and growth for all our church staff and members who are attending, and that we will, in turn, encourage those who live and minister in dioceses where it’s hard to keep the Bible at the heart of the church.

What a joy it is for our church members to serve through participating in the leadership of this conference! To God be the glory!