Searching the Scriptures

Recently at Youth Group, we looked at Acts chapter 17:1-15, as part of our series on Paul’s missionary journey in the book of Acts.

In Acts 17, there are two, very different responses to the gospel.

When Paul preaches in Thessalonica, he gets run out of town by an angry mob, but when he then moves onto a town called Berea, he gets a much more positive reception towards the good news of Jesus.

Acts 17:11b says, “they searched the Scriptures day after day to see if Paul and Silas were teaching the truth,” and as a result, they put their trust in Jesus.

As the Youth Minister of this church, it is a privilege to witness our young people exhibit the same attitude towards the gospel as the Bereans.

Each Friday night, we meet to hang out, play games and build relationships, but most importantly, we search the Scriptures week after week to find the truth that God has revealed in his word to us.

In this passage we were particularly challenged by the fact that the Bereans searched the Scriptures day after day, coming back to Scripture time and time again, soaking in it, reflecting on it.

Do you search the Scriptures day after day?

We have access to the Bible like never before, both hardcopy and online, yet how often do we fill our time with other things than reading God’s word?

The young people of our church have an enthusiasm for the gospel: day after day, week after week, time after time, they encourage those of us who are older to be as excited as they are to read God’s word.

This week, why not ask a young person at church what they’ve read in the Bible recently?

Hopefully that will encourage both you and them to follow the example of the Bereans, searching the Scriptures for truth day after day.