Acts: Launching the Church 3: The Launch of Persecution Acts 3:1-4:31 Jodie McNeill – 10 & 11 August 2019

Riding the wave.

The church was _______ in every way.

We live in a world that is ______.

Peter and John meet a ________ man.

Peter brings _______ to the man with a word.

He went walking and leaping and ________ God!

Our supernatural God does ____________ things!

The creatures ______ their creator.

The name of Jesus is ________!

The death of Jesus was according to ____.

Their sins will be forgiven if they say _____.

Repentance brings ___________.

The Old Testament said this would ______.

The Jesus movement was _________!

The apostles faced the same _________ as Jesus.

Peter courageously points them to _____.

The Jews saw the _____ of Jesus’ name.

They prayed the ____ of God back to God.

They prayed for ________ not protection.

Opposition starts outside but heads ______.

Acts: Launching the Church 2: Launch Day Acts 2:1-47 Jodie McNeill – 3 & 4 August 2019

Big day.

_________ was a very big day for the church.

The Holy Spirit led them to _____.

It is a gift to hear words in your own ________.

Pentecost reversed the curse of _____.

The hearers were _______.

Joel promised that God would pour out his ______.

God used signs and wonders to _______ his son.

God _________ his sovereignty and our responsibility.

_____ could not hold onto Jesus.

Psalms are _________ about God’s king.

The resurrection was a ____, supernatural event.

The hearers had to _______.

We all must ______ of our sins and turn to Christ.

We long for _________ to know Jesus!

We see church at its ____.

Pentecost was a one-off _________ for the church.

Acts: Launching the Church 1: Prepare to Launch – Acts 1:1-26 Jodie McNeill – 27 & 28 July 2019

Looking forward.

Jesus is coming back ____.

Acts is written by ____.

Reliving this era will ___ us up.

The _____ of the resurrection matters.

We should be _______ on the kingdom of God.

The Father would ____ the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Spirit is a ‘__’.

Jesus’ rule was _________.

They weren’t to know the ______.

His power will equip them to _______.

The good news would ______ out.

A spectacular _________.

Stop staring and start __________.

The disciples were waiting ________.

They ______ as they waited for the Spirit.

The Twelve was now ______.

They needed a full team of _________.

Jesus ______ them to Matthias.

The greatest future event is Jesus’ ______.