We’d love you to join us at Jamberoo Anglican Church!

Each weekend we have two identical church services on Sunday, one at 9am, and the other at 4pm.

Everyone is welcome to join us at these services as we hear God’s word, pray together, and love and serve each other.

For details of how to get here, visit this page.

To find out what’s happening this coming weekend, visit the ‘Coming up this week’ page.

Here’s a brief rundown of what to expect in these church services:

Our church services run for a little over 90 minutes and are followed by brunch after our 9am service and dinner after our 4pm service.

If you can’t join us in person then we would love you to watch the livestream of our Sunday night, which you can do at watch.jamberooanglican.com

At the heart of our time together is the Bible teaching, where we spend a bit over a half an hour hearing God speak to us through his word. We also have a question time, which helps us think deeply about the Bible and its place in our lives.

The music is contemporary in its style (with drums, guitar and a full band), with a preference for modern hymns.

Our service is ‘liturgical’ in style, which means that we like to read together things like a creed (a statement of belief) or a prayer (like the Lord’s Prayer).

Our style is reasonably informal. Wear clothes you’d be happy to wear to the cinema and out to a restaurant.

Our service starts right on time and most people leave by around 11.30 am after the morning service and 8 pm after the evening service, having had something to eat, and plenty of time to chat and meet people.

Our services are designed to be all age and all stage, so that for the first 30 or so minutes we cater for people of every age. After then, we have a Kids Church program that uses specially-designed material designed to teach children in a developmentally-appropriate, culturally-engaged way, so that the next generation are able to understand the Bible in a way that connects with them.