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This week we have special guest Grahame Scarratt speaking to us from 1 Kings chapter eight about 'Blessing's in God's Name'.
This week we learn about the importance of 'Gathering Together' as Jodie McNeill speaks from the beginning of 1 Kings chapter eight.
1 Why is there no ocean in the new heaven and earth if God created it and it was good? 2 Why did Jesus say, "Blessed are those who have…
This week we learn about 'The Building King' as Jodie McNeill speaks to us from chapter seven of 1 Kings.
1 If Joseph is not Jesus’ biological father, then how is Jesus in the line of David? 2 Was Herod’s Temple an extension or a new building? 3 What does…
This week we hear about the 'Ultimate Church' as we look through 1 Kings chapters five and six.
1 Why did Bathsheba say, “may my Lord King David live forever!”, when he was about to die? 2 Why didn’t King Solomon show mercy to his brother-in-law? 3 Did…
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