Messiah Masterclass 22 – ‘Challenging the King’ – Matthew 22 – Jodie McNeill – 12 & 13 March 2022

Choosing the invites

It’s a _________ to attend a wedding party

Jesus tells another story about _________

The king’s ___________ shows his grace

It’s right for God to be _____ at people who reject him

One guest doesn’t _______ the king and the occasion

He wants the ________ but ignores the king

The religious leaders ______ Jesus again

Honour rulers, and also honour ___

The Sadducees reject life after _____

Marriage doesn’t continue after _____

They want Jesus to show ___________ towards the Bible

When we love God, we’ll love one _______

They think the Messiah is merely another _____ king

Their view of the Messiah was too _____

Who do you think Jesus is?