Coming up this weekend 10-11th September 2022  

This weekend we are going to be hearing from God’s word as Brad Vidilini preaches to us from Colossians 2:6-15 on ‘Life in Christ’.

After our 5pm Saturday service we’ll be having dinner, and after our 9am Sunday service we’ll be enjoying brunch together.

We’d love you to join us in-person if you’re able, or watch our livestream at

These are the questions that Jodie plans to answer this weekend during church:

1 What’s the difference between an angel and an archangel?
2 Which Australian state has the worst persecution for Christians?
3 How bad do you think persecution will get for us?
4 If God wasn’t happy with animal sacrifices, why did he establish that system?
5 If Daniel didn’t tell anyone his prophesy then how is it in the Bible?
6 Are the people who killed Jesus the evilest people in all of history?
7 How did Old Testament people get to heaven before Jesus?
8 Did they have clothes back when Jesus was born?
9 Did they have hospitals back when Jesus was born?
10 What is the title and the artist of our opening church song?

If you’d like to submit your own question to be answered in church in the future, then simply hit ‘reply’ to this email.

We’re really looking forward to seeing you this weekend!