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1 Why did Bathsheba say, “may my Lord King David live forever!”, when he was about to die? 2 Why didn’t King Solomon show mercy to his brother-in-law? 3 Did…
This week Graham Errington continues our series on 1 Kings as we look through chapter three and 'the Seed of Destruction'.
1 Why is there no ocean in the new heaven and earth if God created it and it was good? 2 Why did Jesus say, "Blessed are those who have…

Executing Justice

February 14, 2021
This week Jodie McNeill leads us from chapter two of 1 Kings as we look at the 'Executing Justice'.
1 If it’s bad to boast, then why does James 1:9 seem to allow it? 2 Do Jonah’s words sabotage God’s prophesy to destroy Ninevah? 3 Should single Christians be…

An Unfading Hope

February 6, 2021
This week we start an all new series on the book of 1 Kings as Jodie McNeill leads us from chapter one about 'An Unfading Hope'.
This week we have special guest Tony Willis speaking to us about parenting under God.