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This week we have special guest Moussa Ghazal speaking to us from chapter seven of Luke about 'Why Sinners Love Jesus'.

Perfect and Lasting

January 17, 2021


January 10, 2021

1 How does pouring water on a baby in baptism declare that salvation is by faith not works? 2 If animals cannot receive the Holy Spirit, then can they go…

Waiting for the Lord

December 20, 2020
This week Jodie leads us through chapter 40 of the book of Psalms as we learn about 'Waiting for the Lord'.
1 If a baby gets baptised, does this guarantee that they will go to Heaven? 2 Since God sends people to Hell for not believing in him, doesn’t that make…
This week we have Jacob Mierendorff teaching us from the book of Titus about 'The Mercy of Our Saviour'.