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Trick or Treat?

When it comes to Halloween, Christians have a wide range of views about whether it’s helpful, harmful, or something in between. It all started with a pagan festival to mark the start of the darkness of winter, called the winter ‘solstice.’ Then in the fourth century, Christians adopted that festival as their own, calling it […]

The Irish Un-Settler

Sullivan, our English Settler, is our most effective pre-evangelistic tool, for as we walk him, he brings people to us. They talk to us about him, ask about the breed, notice our accent, tell us they have a relative in Perth and ask if we’ve met them, then ask, “What are you doing here?” In […]

Nourishing Relationships

Being a Christian woman in today’s world is hard, no matter what age or stage of life you are in. You may be a young woman leaving school, entering the workforce and navigating new relationships. Or you may be single, or newly-married, or perhaps you’ve just become a mother. Or maybe you’ve now become an […]

Religious Reflexes

Some of the most spectacular moments in sport have come from a reflex reaction by a player, when they have kicked, passed, caught or hit a ball without pausing to think. This week we witnessed a different kind of sporting reflex reaction when the Essendon AFL Club appointed a new CEO, only to pressure him […]

It’s Time For Poker Machine Reform

Australians are the world’s most prolific gamblers, with poker machines causing over half our losses.  NSW has about double (or worse) the rate of poker machine losses compared to every other Australian state and territory. About 40% of all poker machine losses come from people experiencing significant harm from gambling. Worse still, the highest losses […]

Jude – Our Entrusted Faith – ‘2: Remember the Apostles’ – Jude 17-25 – Jodie McNeill • 24-25 September 2022

Cyber attack We must ______ the faith The ________ predicted the false teachers People believe things because of their ________ We lovingly urge everyone to ______ The most serious divisions are about ___ and salvation The false teachers have followed their _________ The true _____ really matters They need to _____ up their faith The […]