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Welcome to the new-look Anglicare!

Two months ago it was announced that Anglicare Sydney and Anglican Retirement Villages would become one, new, combined organisation. This officially began this week, and the new organisation has decided to use the name ‘Anglicare’. After lots of research, the organisation realised that the name ‘Anglicare’ has such widespread and positive recognition that this new name would be the […]

Be informed when you vote

On Saturday week, Australia goes to the polls. Christians will come to different conclusions about how they should vote. We attach different levels of importance to various issues. One may feel that economic management is extremely important. Another may prioritise the plight of refugees or climate change policy. However there is one issue, unique to this […]

Hope from the horror of Orlando

The shooting at Orlando reminds us of the evil of humanity and the fragility of human life. It is a bitter tragedy to see 49 people shot dead and 53 others seriously injured from a civilian mass shooting with military-style weapons. It is also very sad to see the LGBTQI community targeted by a man who claimed to be influenced by Islam. Yet […]

All other ground is sinking sand

This week we’ve seen the powerful forces of wind and rain. Whether it’s been the flooding of buildings around Picton, or the erosion of the beach at Collaroy, we’ve witnessed just how easily our homes can be damaged or destroyed by ‘natural’ forces. As we saw these pictures in the media, many of us might have recalled […]

God’s word is really powerful

We don’t really appreciate power until we lose it. Some of us have felt the powerlessness in retirement, where one day we’ve got power over people and processes, and then the next day, this power is given over to someone younger. Some of us have felt the powerlessness during poor health, where one day we’re running around a field, or […]

Saying ‘sorry’ is just the first step

Thursday was National Sorry Day in Australia, a day to recognise all the damage done to Indigenous peoples of Australia since the arrival of the British in 1788. I’ve witnessed people roll their eyes at this stuff before, and not only scoff but even protest against the welfare policies provided to Indigenous peoples today that give […]

Hurry up and wait!

When I was in the Navy I learnt an important lesson: the ‘hurry up and wait’. It usually occurred when we’d be told without much notice to be in the next place, that’s usually not very close to where you are, in less time then it really takes you to get there. This is called […]

Isn’t it time to come back to church?

Isn’t it time you came back to church? At 5pm this Saturday 21st May we’re hosting a FREE chops, chips and chocolate night at the church. Join us for a free BBQ meal, with salads, hot chips, and a chocolate fountain with marshmallows and fruit, followed by free espresso coffee. It’s a great contemporary church […]

Market Day

Join us this Saturday at our church for our annual Market Day! It starts at 9am in the morning, and we’re planning to end at midday (unless there’s still strong interest after that time). We’ve got lots in store, including plants, cakes, bric-a-brac, local produce, books. craft, coffee, tea & pikelets. We’ll also be enjoying a […]

Back to church week

“Why don’t you come back to church this week?” This is the question that we’re planning to ask hundreds of people this week as we connect with our village and valley in a big push to welcome people back into church. Some people will respond by saying, “I’ve never been to church before… so why should I come […]